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It’s quite a large conversation sometimes when the topic comes up of, “how is this person connected to this person etc. “ ? These types of questions arise when we have spoken to really anyone within Crestone, The Baca or for that matter anyone that has surrounded this case. Usually how the initial portion of the conversation goes is a reply from the person or persons we are speaking to that goes something like, “I don’t really know too much, but you know who would is, so - and - so; yeah, they would know something".” This is where either a rabbit hole starts or a new lead begins. What a strange dichotomy it is.

Payne said something in these last episodes that I believe should stun and maybe even shock the listener; he stated, “This is the point where you as a listener are fairly close to the same place we as a team are within this case.” What a place to be, you as the listener being in a state of “All Caught Up”; and yet new information on the daily begins to surface that must be checked and re checked (to do our due diligence and stay true to not pointing any fingers without probable cause to).

We as a team have always felt that from the beginning of, “Up & Vanished”; the listener is vital to our team. You open up new ideas, give fresh insight and even sometimes call in with important information regarding cases we cover.

I suppose then, I should get to what I’m asking on your part in this entry, maybe this is even a sort of request for you to take action. Now that you are, “All Caught Up”; help us in furthering the influence of people’s knowledge of Kristal. This isn’t me asking you this so that we as a podcast gain more streams or downloads; and it certainly isn’t for our benefit other than the mutual desire to find Kristal. We simply want someone or someone’s to come forward; and sometimes the only way for that to happen is a powerful word called PRESSURE. In furthering the influence and story of Kristal it catches people up on the fact that Kristal is STILL missing, and we are attempting to find her. Assist us by telling people you know, whether friends or family etc.

We cannot thank you enough; because this is your part of the podcast and truly, WE COULD’NT DO IT WITHOUT YOU.



What a strange title to a blog post, right? I was awoken last night with the thought that if I were to die at this point in life (whilst pursuing the aspirations, the projects I’m involved with and the various things I am attempting to work on), would it be for something I am satisfied in dying for? What a revolutionary question, I know, and trust me when I say I didn’t come up with this myself.

I have only begun to realize that once I have woven myself into another persons life and the investigation of their demise; the very same people that surrounded and were friends with this missing person, quickly become the very same people that I have gained relationship with and those I come to love and respect too. You see, to be apart of these peoples lives is an honor; to be a person they can talk to when grief overtakes them or when they just want to express memories of their friend. I am privileged to listen and to take in the past with them as a sort of, “fly on the wall”.

I believe to a certain degree, this question, and its answer are what drives me forward. I want to wake up with this question and go to sleep with it. Plus, I desire to answer it with, “Yes I’m satisfied with what I am doing in life and maybe that’s because my life is in service of others”.

Wow, what a thought, that this whole “Up & Vanished” podcast has been about people. Payne and our teams lives in the service of other’s lives. Maybe thats why its popular or why resolution is found? Not because we are aiming to be a corporate podcast giant or something like that; but because we love stories, and because we love people (and genuinely care).

I believe I can live with that and I believe that’s true journalism, true private investigation and a true way to live.

So, in this whole blog post my legitimate desire for you would be that you go to sleep and wake up with this same question; and finally, that you would answer it with, “yes, I am ok that if I were to die now; my life is lived in the service of others”. Cause honestly, true satisfaction is found right there.

"Your Days Are Numbered"


All of you may or may have not seen Payne’s most recent interview with, “Access” in the last few days. What seemed to stick out to me among the many question’s that the hosts had for Payne was the question, “are you afraid?”

You see, this question already has it’s answer in it’s initial inquiring. The person asking feels fear, and assumes that in being “human” another person would feel the same reaction to the events and environment that we as a team have found ourselves in. It would be intelligible to assume that fear is a major factor in investigating cases. Though, here is the catch however; darkness cannot reside in light, therefore being light bringers in a great and grave darkness (fear cannot reside with us). Maybe there is an element of human fear that is associated, but on the contrary, we are shedding light and bringing light. We as a team have a mission of justice and peace; not of turmoil or violence. We trust that in covering and bringing larger coverage to a case (and the person of Kristal), we will find the ultimate answer of what happened to her and in turn justice will be served.

  • To those involved, as Payne stated so boldly and eloquently, (and on behalf of the Tenderfoot Tv team, family members and friends of Kristal’s), “we know who you are, and your days are numbered”.

  • For those who are reading this, and are involved, it’s only a matter of time before justice is served. Please turn yourselves in, for a child’s sake (Akasha) , please turn yourself in as she deserves to know what happened to her mother.


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When you first look into someone's life, you begin to realize that there are quite distinct circles of trust, friendship and relationship. These circles start very broad and vast, and can even be evidently seen within a person's social media circles.

One combing over a persons social media can quickly decipher friends who are more actively engaged in the "postings" that an individual makes, or even those persons who comment with an "inside joke" or "personal reference" to something that the general populous would not associate with.  This gives us an inside look into (friends) who might be deeper than surface level or who might have been apart of a missing persons day to day (current lives). 

When investigating a case or doing your due diligence in journalism, you come to realize that these minute details of simple or even seemingly insignificant/silly postings become how you begin to draw the broad circles smaller and how you become closer to the person's life you are investigating. 

It has been proven over and over when working with a missing person's case for Up & Vanished, that these are the details to never faintly scour over, but to pay close attention to. Many times these are how we as a team gather interviews and even how we cross reference different "thoughts" or "facts" about a case.

It's very important to us that there is a semblance of timeline in which the events of someone's life are documented and can be confirmed with those closest to them at that time. Meaning, that when we interview those closest to a person, we figure out the timeline and environment in which they were associated with this missing person, and especially their interactions and personal involvement in that persons life. 

Circles do get smaller, and for Kristal Reisinger's life and missing person status, we are drawing the circles smaller, day by day. Let's find Kristal. 






I felt this blog title, "Who Would've Ever Thought" would be very appropriate for the way in which life takes a pregnant pause and smirks or giggles under it's breath at us (we, who think we know what we might do upon getting older or anticipating the future with our own ideas).

In all seriousness, If you would have told me that I would be involved in investigating stories, missing persons or their environments and lives two  and a half years ago when Payne asked me to be apart; I might have said that you were mad.

One major fact I am realizing in all this, is that I suppose there is no right way in finding the truth. Now, what I mean by stating this is that we as a team always attempt to do our due diligence in investigation, never pointing figures at anyone or anything in particular in attempts to try to provide the best context of a persons life (as we get more intimately involved in their lives). However, there is no set way or safe way sometimes to find the truth and answers. There is always somewhat of a risk involved in continuing to speak about something and someone that comes with large question marks. 

All I can truthfully say is we are continuing to conduct our investigation in a manner that is lawful, that provides all of the context we can gather, and ultimately stepping out of the way when needed for law enforcement to take it further than we ever could. In a sense we are doing what we have done from the beginning with Tara Grinstead's case; taking our steps with caution but also not being apologetic about bringing up every facet of these lives both dark and light. 

We continue to seek the truth and answers knowing full well that this very may well be a lighthouse for some to feel safe enough to come forward, or in turn place enough heat on the necks of those guilty to step forward and tell us what happened.  Here's hoping and praying that Up & Vanished continues to be and do both of these in this present Season. 




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By all means I have no intention for it to sound cliche' or repetitive, but we truly couldn't make up the content in, Up & Vanished: Season 2. Every interview, every situation we have found ourselves in and most sacredly every missing person's life we have become involved with is 100% true and undeniably (un) elaborated on.  I am sure as a culture that we have become disillusioned with the fact that producers of television shows, movies or podcasts (feel the need to) must fashion fictional elements onto a story/non fiction to make it more interesting or attractive to viewers/listeners. 

If there is one thing we cannot predict, it is the turns that cases take. We simply cannot anticipate the actions, words or reactions of people that we interview or speak with. As you can imagine, this can be alarming when someone flies off the handle and is abrasive in response to us asking questions; or when they feel a need to become defensive and put up walls. 

With Up & Vanished we have always had the aim to respect the reality that we are becoming intimately involved in the details of someones life. Their friends, their family members, their former lovers or their children could all in some way or another find their way into the context of missing persons lives. Therefore this isn't a team (Tenderfoot Tv Team) placing importance on telling a story and, "thats it, let's call it a day"; but its a team placing greatest importance on the individual. Why? Because every human being deserves justice, they deserve to be found and those intimately involved in their lives deserve answers. Wouldn't you agree? 

THIS, among anything else is the highest calling of why we do, what we do with, Up & Vanished.

- Rob 


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Season Two / New Case and it's not in the southeast of the U.S. I have been more than privileged to have been asked by Payne and the Tenderfoot Tv team to be apart of the investigation and journalism of this case in a greater capacity this time around. I can say with complete honesty that Up & Vanished hasn't set out to be a branding, hasn't set out to be a money maker or a means by which to exploit real people and the real stories of their deaths or missing status'

Up & Vanished is continuing to do exactly what it set out to do not but just three years ago ; which is to shed light on these cases that have gone dark/cold, and to continue a consistent communication and conversation about the context in which these individuals went missing. 

To say that we couldn't script out the variant positions we find ourselves in, or the things that are told to us in bringing up these cases up and talking to those involved in missing persons lives (at some point or another), is a complete understatement. We have been floored "to say the least" at what we have found out in this new case. Our team has been surprised at times, and personally I have realized that the more you allow people to speak on what they have been closed about over years period of time, the more things naturally flow out that have been kept in the darker closets of their minds. 

We as a team are personally invested in solving this new case, seeking justice for the family that lost their own. We are going to tell you a story in a masterful way, but not compromising the truth for entertainment purposes. We are here to show all the facets of this case and to do our very best to again do what we could only hope to do, and that is to bring this person what they deserve (what any human deserves) and that is justice for the cause of their missing status. 

Come along with us on this journey with its winding dirt and gravel roads, out in the middle of nowhere (literally) and I believe you'll find that you've never heard of such a place in all your days on earth. 

August 20th, 2018, Up & Vanished: Season Two, We are in real time and as always, when you do hear of this missing person's story, if you have any information on their disappearance please call us. 

- Rob Ricotta




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I first met Payne Lindsey in 2015, essentially both of us were fans of each others work from afar and equally had the desire to collaborate with one another. We worked on a short promo video for a hip hop/rap clothing company in Atlanta, GA but that was just a one off. Payne was filming documentaries at that time and also doing high end rap industry music videos for many different professional rap/hip hop artists.

In our growing affinity for each others expertise in our field and industry, we also developed a friendship. There are few times that work colleagues connect as true friends, but that was the case with Payne and myself. We struck up a friendship and trust that has lasted years now, and continues to go through its work and personal ebbs and flows, highs and lows as friends.  

Up and Vanished began with Payne reaching out to me, his brother Mason, and a fellow work friend Donald to be involved with something he himself didn't even know would be as in depth as it has been. It started with us being available and open to a story with its twists and turns, and it begged us to bring justice to a woman and her family, Tara Grinstead. Justice to a situation and environment that seemed hopeless. Up and Vanished has now created a format that has never been implemented before. A comfortable and safe place for people to come forward with knowledge of true crimes; and above all it has shown that the podcast industry is more than just easy listening, but an industry that can solve cases that have gone cold or been misrepresented/misinterpreted.  

As time goes on Payne has allowed me the privilege of becoming more involved with the Tenderfoot Tv team in the overall investigation and journalism of the cases, lives, and people we become involved in. 

If you are not familiar with Up and Vanished, Payne Lindsey or our Tenderfoot Tv Team please have a read below: 

Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey of Tenderfoot TV & Team originally envisioned Up and Vanished as a true-crime documentary. Lindsey selected a missing-person case from his home state, Georgia, and embarked on a journey as an amateur investigator. After starting his research and initial interviews, he decided to present the project in audio form as a podcast. Season 1 of Up and Vanished explored the 2005 disappearance of beauty queen and high school teacher Tara Grinstead from her home in Ocilla, Georgia. The cold case was the largest case file in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s history, with no arrests in 11 years. The podcast quickly drew attention, both in South Georgia and nationwide. Reviewing old leads and uncovering new ones, Up and Vanished quickly expanded from a planned six-episode season to a final count of 24 episodes with numerous bonus episodes. As the people of Ocilla began talking about the case again, new leads and stories emerged. In February 2017, the GBI arrested two suspects for Grinstead’s murder. Up and Vanished will continue to provide updates on this no-longer-cold case as the criminal trial proceeds in 2018. A second season of Up and Vanished, covering a completely different true crime story, will debut in early 2018.

You can find Up & Vanished Podcast anywhere podcasts can be found.

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